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Enjoy  the festive atmosphere of the Féria of Béziers from 11 until 15 August.

The Feria is the traditional feast of the bull celebrated in Spain, southern France, Portugal and Latin America. It is characterized by a series of bull fights including Corridas. The Feria of Béziers is one of the biggest events in Languedoc-Roussillon of the summer. Nearly 1 million people come together for this purpose every year. The Feria was founded in 1968 as a tribute to the Novilladas (novice toreros fighting young bulls) and Corridas that are being held in the arena of Béziers since 1897.

The Feria is mainly the “corridas” but it is also a traditional family feast held in the streets of the city. During these five days the streets are filled with Bodegas (wine booths) and horse shows. The music, dances, shows and animations whisk the audience off to an unknown world.

Below you can find the program for these five days of festivities.


Further information is available on 0033 467 761 345 or

The Feria of Béziers: an event not to be missed!

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