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« Hi there ! We are Mélanie and Cédric, the campsite’s new bakers. »


Mélanie has been working at the campsite for several years. You might already have seen her either at the bakery or at the campsite’s restaurant. On top of that, Mélanie has just graduated and now holds a master’s degree in Law. She is also a former tennis player.


Cédric is a rugby player who decided to go travel the world in his early twenties. The journey taught him new languages and enabled him to learn about new cultures. Once back home, he decided to focus on French local knowledge, and trained to eventually become a baker.


« We have taken advantage of the opportunity to take over the bakery business, so as to be able to work in a friendly atmosphere with  strong team bonds. We will be happy to welcome you and to inform you all about our local products ! »

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