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You love your partner ? A wee bit….a lot…..to bits ! Show him or her your love !!

Offer your loved one a relaxing holiday at Campsite La Yole !

Take time to pamper yourself.

So follow our advice for unforgettable holidays!

Offering some holidays for Valentine’s day is a long lasting effect present.

5 ways to show your partner your love while staying at our campsite :

1.            Book a charming love nest

2.            Organize a mouth-watering aperitif for sunset at the beach with :

  • Sweet wine (we offer it)*
  • Salty biscuits
  • A jumper just in case
  • Candles


3.            On the next morning , prepare your loved one a five star breakfast with her/his favourite fresh pastries

4.            Book a twin massage in our Institute

5.            Book a boat ride on the Canal du Midi

5 Things you should avoid doing :

1.            Your partner loves going to the beach, but you don’t. Refrain from telling him or her : « You can head to the beach, I’ll be at the pool ! »

2.            He or She got sunburnt, do not say : « Don’t worry, we’re only staying here for a couple of days. Things will get better afterwards! »

3.            Taking selfies all around the place to impress your friends

4.            He or she doesn’t feel like taking part in the volleyball tournament : «  Come on, get moving…it won’t do you any harm »

5.            Forgetting to book your stay at campsite La Yole!

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