Bon viveur

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The second of February is pancake day in France ! Take part in this gastronomic celebration and prepare your family or friends so-called « crêpes suzette », that are particularly tasty served with « Euphorie » wine from La Yole !

Ingredients : 250g  flour – 4 eggs – 4cl oil – 50cl milk – a pinch of salt – 100g of soft butter – 50g of powdered sugar – 1 lemon or orange ( for their juice and zest) – 1 teaspoonful of Champagne

Mix the ingredients together (flour, eggs, oil, salt) and pour ¼ of the amount of milk. Whisk together thoroughly in wide circles. Once the mixture is homogenous, add the remaining milk and whisk gently to avoid lumps. The dough is now ready, let it stand for a while.

The topping : mix together the powdered sugar and the zest, add the lemon or orange juice, and the champagne. Heat up slightly. Spread butter on the pancakes and fold them into four. Bon appétit !


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