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New Year Resolutions

The beginning of each year is the perfect time to consider taking new resolutions. Here are a few ideas to ponder  :

1.            Taking care of yourself…No, no it doesn’t necessarily mean being egoistic.

Start with a detox ! Why ? Our lives can be physically demanding or stressful (pollution, stress, bad eating habits). And it is our very body that enables us to move forward with our lives, which is why getting rid of accumulated toxins is particularly recommended. You will be feeling less irritable, less prone to colds, your skin will look better, your hair will be shiny…Have we succeeded in convincing you ?

To do so, there are several things you could do :

–              Dilute a lemon’s juice in a glass of warm water, and drink a glass every morning for a week, once every month

–              Have a cup of thyme and mint tea to relax in the evening, or buy digestive or cleansing infusions

–              Work out : start slowly. Grab your trainers and go for a run once a week before gradually increasing to 2 runs per week. You can do so with your friends, your companion, your children. If you don’t like jogging, hit the closest swimming pool you can find, take part in team sports, or go for hikes with family or friends on weekends. But do WORK OUT regularly !

–              Take time for yourself : If you haven’t already done so, book your holidays at La Yole now ! You’ll be able to put the ideas suggested above into practise and it will put you in a good mood. You will be in a relaxed state-of-mind after having been able to choose your accommodation, according to your own preferences and needs.  Once you’ll have booked, your holidays will be getting closer every day.


2.            Spend more valuable time with your family, relatives and friends.

Mark your calendar for nights out at the restaurant, excursions, visits, weekend breaks or even holidays at La Yole, –  of course !

Book for a weekend at La Yole, and show your friends your holiday resort. They will surely appreciate. As spring days get longer and more enjoyable, you’ll be getting 30% off for a 2 night weekend stay. A great way to vent some steam off,  while waiting for the real summer holidays to start. Plan long and relaxing strolls or hikes , immersed in nature.


3.            Improve your general cultural knowledge with those ideas and tips :

Start reading…at least one book per term. Take advantage of your holidays at La Yole to do so. Imagine lying on your mobilehome’s terrace  in the shade of poplar trees, or relaxing by the pool or even at the beach on the warm sand with a captivating novel!

Learn a new language or improve your language skills. Find lessons corresponding to your level , and come and put those newly acquired skills into practice next  summer at La Yole !

Go to museums : There are all sorts of museums which all provide knowledge and discovery. Visit them with your companion, your friends. Take your kids along. It will trigger passionate conversations  and develop your curiosity. Continue doing so on holiday by going to local museums and visiting local curiosities.

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