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The French «Telethon» is an interactive televised 30 hour marathon aimed at raising money. The concept which was invented in the 50s in the United States was aimed at helping poliomyelitis patients. It has now been reproduced worldwide. The show was first aired in France in 1987. It had been organized by the French association against muscular dystrophy. Nowadays, the event is broadcasted live and features solicitations for pledges. It has become a real celebration with numerous artists and stars participating in the show. Giving and making a pledge helps boost research and combat genetic and muscular dystrophy illnesses. Grab your phones and dial 36 37! Supporting research is important, and many people are committed to helping others in our region. Therefore, many activities are organized for the benefit of Telethon. For instance, close to Domaine La Yole, Air Midi Passion located in Serignan, invites you to win a flight on a glider. How? By purchasing a 2 euro box  (100% of the benefits go to Telethon) you have a chance of 1 in 25 to fly above our beautiful area , and you’ll even be able to see Domaine La Yole, like never before!


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