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Dear La Yole friend ! Thank you for having taken part in our « GOODBYE POULPY » contest !

You’ve all been very inspired by the contest ! Well done !

The great winner of a one week stay at La Yole will be designed by our jury in the next few days !

The 13 (4 joint winners) happy winners of our great La Yole T-shirts are  :

– Mélanie Quitin

– Virginie Durand

– Denis Dhenain

– Hugo Salles Biton

– Olivier T

– Laetitia Lefebvre

– Christelle Philipps

– Jean Claude Made

– Chris Gir

– Alexandra Herman Delannoy

– Emilie Brunelle

– Mickael Aklm

– Reine


Each of the 13  winners will have to send an email  ( to receive their free La Yole T Shirt  with :

– “By sending this email, I hereby authorise company Camping La Yole to use the chosen name and/or mascot for commercial purposes.

– Family name :

– First name :

– Postal address :

– Email :

– T Shirt size : S/M/L/XL or  infant size”

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